How to Choose the Best Storage Unit Size without Overpaying and Causing Stress Trying to Find Something

Published on 5/9/2023
Well, hot dog! You're newly single and need to find a storage unit to stash your stuff? No problem, partner. We've got the scoop on how to choose the right size storage unit for you. Just follow this guide, and you'll be on your way to decluttering your life in no time.
You need a storage unit, but how big? Fear not, we will get you sorted with some Midwestern wisdom.
First off, don't worry about storage unit sizes being confusing. Just like a good ol' Midwest potluck, we'll make sure you find the right size for your needs.
  1. 🌽 Think about what you're storin': After your divorce, you might find yourself with all sorts of things to store. Do you need extra room for your ever-growin' collection of fishing gear? Or maybe you're lookin' for a place to stash your Harley during the winter months? Whatever your situation, think about what you're storin' and how often you'll be swapping things in and out.
  2. 🚜 Make a list, check it twice: Grab a cold one and take a stroll around your place. Make a list of everything you want to store. You'll probably be surprised how much stuff you've collected over the years – like that old recliner you just can't part with.
  3. 🏡 Try the ol' tape trick: Grab some painter's tape and mark out the size of your potential storage unit on your garage floor. Fill it up with boxes to get a feel for how much space you'll need. It's like tryin' on a new pair of overalls.
  4. 🍻 Go big or go home: Don't be afraid to get a bigger unit than you think you need. It's like your Uncle Larry always says, "You can never have too much storage space." Plus, a larger unit might only cost you a few extra bucks a month.
First things first, determine the main purpose of the storage unit. Are you storing a car, expanding a business, or just need some extra space to keep your stuff while you figure out your new life? Knowing what you need will help you choose the right size.
Next up, create a checklist of all the stuff you want to store. You might be surprised by how much you've got! Be sure to estimate how many moving boxes you'll need, what furniture you'll store, and if possible, measure the larger items.
If you're having trouble visualizing the space, here's a neat trick: use painter's tape to mark the average unit size in your living room, garage, or hallway. Then, start placing empty moving boxes in the area to see how much space you really need.
When in doubt, go with a larger unit. Trust us, you don't want to cram your stuff in a small unit like a can of sardines. It will be a real challenge to find something buried in the back and you will expend a lot of time and energy moving things around. Plus, larger units can sometimes be just a few extra bucks per month, so don't let the size scare you off.
Now, let's talk sizes. Keep in mind that not all sizes are available at every location, so you might need to go up a size if your ideal unit isn't available.
  • 5x5: Think of it as a small walk-in closet, perfect for storing your lucky fishing hat and a few boxes of memories.
  • 5x10: More like a medium-sized closet, it's got enough room for your prized recliner and that king-size bed you'll be nappin' in.
  • 5x15: Got a motorcycle? This one's for you. It's also great for storing the contents of a small apartment.
  • 10x10: The classic storage unit size, perfect for a two-bedroom apartment's worth of stuff, including your trusty grill.
  • 10x15: Got a piano or a compact car? This one's got you covered. It's like the perfect-sized garage for all your toys.
  • 10x20: The big kahuna, fit for a whole house's worth of belongings or even a mid-sized car. This one's like a good ol' fashioned barn.
  • 10x30: The "Super Bowl" of storage units. If you've got a whole lot of stuff or need space for your growin' business, this one's for you.
If you're still unsure about what size storage unit you need, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service for some friendly Midwestern advice. We're here to help you through this new chapter of your life, one storage unit at a time.